Car Craft Engineering restore and modify many bespoke cars into state of the art Hotrod and Custom vehicles. If you are thinking of modifying or building a Hotrod or Custom vehicle we can advise you on what is the best way to achieve your dream car. Once we've built or renovated your vehicle, we can provide a ongoing service programme to ensure that your vehicle stays in show worthy condition. 

Offering friendly consultation we can assist you in the planning and design stage of your vehicle. We can then further this by working on your project where you feel the need for specialist workmanship.

We can also offer upgrades to your Hotrod or Custom vehicle such as steering, suspension, chassis, brakes and electrics.


Due to certain ages of vehicles no longer needing MOT's we can offer 

thorough annual safety check to ensure that your car is safe and road worthy. Should your vehicle still need an MOT we offer different packages to cater for you needs.


- Planning and Consultation

- Engine Reconstruction and Repair

- Suspension Upgrade and Reconstruction

- Chassis Build and Reconstruction

- High Grade Performance Parts

- Steering Upgrade and Reconstruction

- Brake System Upgrades and Repairs

- Annual Safety Checks


- Servicing

- MOT Packages

- Welding

- Body Work

- Fine Tuning

- Vintage Tyres

- Wiring and Electrics

- Exhaust Systems

Hotrods and Customs

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