Modern Cars

At Car Craft Engineering we believe that no job is too small and strive to be approachable for all your vehicle needs. To ensure that we can carry work of any manner, we have connections with a number of other specialists of who we have a very strong raport with and trust to complete work to the highest of standard, for example, an Auto Electrician, Tyre Specialist and a Body Work Techician. 

We offer a number of different MOT packages which ensure your vehicle stands the best chance of passing; to do this we use a

third party garage and as above we have the highest trust in

our arrangement with them. 

In house we have two vehicle ramps, diagnostic machines and other specialist equipment to enable us to able to service, diagnose and repair your vehicle. 

Car Craft Engineering work with both Petrol and Diesel vehicles of any age, make and model.


​- Servicing

- MOT Packages

- Air Conditioning

- Winter and Summer Checks

- Vehicle Diagnostics

- Tyres

- Brake Repair

- Exhaust systems

- Steering


​- Auto Electrics 

- Welding

- Lighting and Bulbs

- Suspension

- Body Work

- Batteries 

- Forte Treatments and Lubricants

- Tuning

- Engine and Gearbox Repairs and Rebuilds

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